Key Features
Tamper-proof and traceable NFT assets.
Primary and second hand marketplace all in one convenient app.
Loyalty protection and fair profit sharing for creators.
Real world and crypto-native assets.
Control, trade and be the true owner of your NFT assets.
Cross-compatible with multiple blockchains.
Broad integration with multiple DeFi protocols. *
Supports cross-chain transfers and interoperability. *
IP management mechanism for more complex NFT assets. *

* In roadmap

Uptick on COSMOS/IRISnet
This is the first NFT app in COSMOS/IRISnet ecosystem, based on strategic cooperation between Uptick and IRISnet. It supports digital collectible cards and e-tickets in the current phase. It will cover more NFT categories in e-ticketing and its surrounding industries. 
You can also search "Uptick NFT" in Google Play to download.
Backed by
    Dragon Roark Venture
    SNZ Holding Limited
    Tendermint Venture
    PreAngel Fund
    IRIS Foundation
    About Uptick

    Uptick is a business class NFT app built on the Uptick Network. With a focus on entertainment, sports and the creative industries, Uptick Network provides a comprehensive NFT asset management framework, a layer 2 NFT Uptick protocol, metadata standards, and easy-to-use dApp development tools.

    As an active player in the global blockchain space, the Uptick Network team started their journey into the NFT space in 2018 and have been making constant progress over the last few years. The project has a strong focus on the NFT space with its long term vision being digital asset management.

    Uptick proudly supports the following blockchains